Cara, a Clevelander and Yelp guru, is a different gal. You know the type, or maybe you don’t. A different breed amongst us, she spends much of her time in dark rooms with only the illumination of a screen. Comic books, odd accessories, and rarities fill her apartment. The strange live there.       […]

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Fall in the Backyard

Look up, not always out. On Wednesday we had high winds, which pulled the leaves from the trees. At times it was almost snowing leaves. Holland, Michigan. One mile from Lake Michigan. All the photographs¬†were shot at dusk with the Fuj X-T1 on the Velvia setting. A simple walk through the backyard on the perfect […]

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Islesboro, Maine

It was my second time to the small island off the coast of Maine. The first time I visited I was shooting on a lobster boat. This time around I were there to photograph a wedding, stay in a small cottage, and bum around for 4 days. Here are a few images I took in […]

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West Michigan Sunset

Friday. Brought myself, a cooler, a chair and my Fuji X-T10. Then I waited. Boats, big and small cruising near the horizon line, some pulling a tube or skier. Those were brave souls out there in 59 degree water. Some would say that the sunset was not shaping up to be anything worth the effort, […]

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Fuji X-T10 First Images

The new Fuji X-T10 arrived today, in the typical Fuji packaging. They have a beautiful brand and outstanding packaging. There are hundreds of articles and websites that speak of the X-T10 and how wonderful it is, so if you’re looking for specs and specifics, just hit up Google. It’s small, light, and solid. I pre-ordered […]

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Hey Miriam, want to shoot some photos? Sure you say? Well alright then. All shot with the fabulous Fuji X-T1.

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Holland’s Tulip Time

Shooting for the Holland Visitor’s Bureau, the task of shooting a week-long festival is daunting. So many places to be. People to photograph. Planning. Execution. Just working on an itinerary is a full night. I shot and edited hundreds of photographs, and these are some of my favorites, all shot with a Fuji X-T1. I’m […]

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A Soft Twenty

Tall trees block the view of the towering sand dunes. The dunes block the view of Lake Michigan. It’s difficult to gauge your proximity to the water. You can’t smell the salt like an ocean, but you can sense it. Trees sing, birds soar. It’s dark at night. There are plenty of signs that the […]

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Down South

West Michigan > Cleveland, OH > Asheville, NC > Raleigh, NC > Avett Brother’s NYE Show. The Avetts are southern boys. Their NYE shows are always held down south, and it’s a pretty big deal. A big deal. We’ve been to Asheville a few times now. Each time it’s for a different reason, and each […]

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Purple film.

Much like color infrared film, Lomography created a purple film for 35mm. Drove up North for the weekend and shot this stuff. Not too bad. I’d shoot it again.

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Fog. Beach. Fuji 100B

This film is no longer. Never to be made again, so my final packs are sitting in my fridge, staying fresh. Here are a few from last week. I had to shoot a few. Scans don’t ever do instant film justice. The original images are crisp, shiny, with beautiful tones.

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Real Estate Photography

A new venture for me. My friends graciously allowed me to photograph their house for use in a new portfolio. Since they are currently living in their homes with no plans to sell, their homes are not really styled, or staged, the way a home would be if it were on the market. I only […]

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31 and Lakeshore

My new favorite stretch of road.¬†It takes around 30 minutes heading south to Holland, down 31S, then back up via Lakeshore. Trees hanging over the road, farms, blueberry fields, and cabins buried in the woods. I love this winter and this area. It’s beautiful in all directions. I shot while I drove, through my dirty […]

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PJ Hoffmaster State Park

After 3 days of ice storms, then 2 days of fluffy snow, West Michigan looks beautiful. It’s a winter wonderland to say the least. A few days ago I shot some macro images of Duncan Woods, but yesterday I backed off a bit and took in more of the surrounding at PJ Hoffmaster State Park, […]

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Close-Ups. Ice in Grand Haven

Most of the ice has melted, however the wind finally died down a bit. One weird thing about shooting macro is after you take your eye away from the viewfinder. You spend 10 minutes looking through the viewfinder at super-macro images, focusing in and out on tiny details, then taking your eye away. Back to […]

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