Down South

West Michigan > Cleveland, OH > Asheville, NC > Raleigh, NC > Avett Brother’s NYE Show.
The Avetts are southern boys. Their NYE shows are always held down south, and it’s a pretty big deal. A big deal.

We’ve been to Asheville a few times now. Each time it’s for a different reason, and each time we have a different experience. However, one thing remains. It’s always awesome. I’ve made the drive to see The String Cheese Incident (in their prime), Phish, and now hometown boys, The Avett Brothers.

Have you driven on US 23 from Ohio towards Asheville? It’s crazy once you get south of Charleston, WV. I was driving so I didn’t stop to take any pictures. Good thing because it would have taken us an extra day. Tight roads, sharp turns, and super-weird stores and ‘homes’ for a good 2 hours straight. It’s very hard to explain, but I suggest US 23 if you’re heading south.

The Asheville Ale Trail was bookmarked, complete with maps and descriptions of neighborhoods, walks, etc. We loosely followed it. First stop was the new One World Brewery. We wanted to eat at Farm Burger, but first wanted a belly full of beer, and had no idea the two where connected. The guys pouring your beers are always the interesting folk. If you’re looking to gauge the city, venue, or people, talk to your bartender. We just so happened to be talking to the owner(?) and one of the partners of both One World and Farm Burger. An awesome guy and a damn fine conversation. There is always one experience in every city we visit that stands out among the rest, and this was it. We were truly treated like his friend. First downstairs over beers, then upstairs over the outstanding, local, grass-fed burger. Please, go visit both One World Brewery and Farm Burger. The beers, atmosphere, people, and food are top-notch.

Asheville may be our favorite town. A true treasure, whatever the season. You’re treated to true southern hospitality in most everything you do. I can go on and on, and if you ask me over a beer, I just may do that. It’s a beautiful area and the people are wonderful. The following pics don’t do it justice, nor do they convey the honest feeling you have while you’re there.

Here are the pics. I did not wait for the perfect moment, light, or angle, nor did I take the camera everywhere.
I simply shot what was there, when the camera was available. You can click on each image for a larger view.


Our first stop. One World Brewing. They’ve only been open for 8 months and have one of the most unique tap rooms I’ve seen. One of the owners, Anthony Dorage, spent a lot of time with us chatting about the beer, his customers, their small nano production, and their awesome restaurant upstairs, Farm Burger. A true farm – to – fork, grass-fed burger joint.
Anthony pouring the sauce.
An hour long line turned into 15 minutes for us because of a tip from Anthony.



A gift from Anthony. Two free glasses!
Asheville Brewing Co.
Asheville Brewing Co.
Breakfast at Tupelo Honey
Breakfast at Tupelo Honey
Bloody Mary at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Pretty much fresh tomatoes blended up. Very interesting. The food? Outstanding southern plates. Could not have been more pleased.




Wicked Weed Brewing. Loved this place, upstairs and down. The beer was some of the best in town, friendly folk, good food, and a heated outdoor area in the front and back. I like my hops, and WW had them in abundance.
Any live music fan wants to see a show at The Orange Peel. I sure do.
Downstairs at Wicked Weed.






Burial Brewing Company was an interesting place. Tucked in a side-street, it was more an expansive garage than a pub. That being said, we loved it. We went for the Skillet Donut Stout. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the best stouts I’ve every had. Served with a donut hole. The decor was great, plus they were actively brewing while we were there.





On our way to Raleigh for the Avetts show, we chose to drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway instead of the traditional 40E. Very vertical and very curvy. Very beautiful.






An orchard on the Parkway, complete with a trail system.
An orchard on the Parkway, complete with a trail system.




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