Fuji X-T10 First Images

The new Fuji X-T10 arrived today, in the typical Fuji packaging. They have a beautiful brand and outstanding packaging. There are hundreds of articles and websites that speak of the X-T10 and how wonderful it is, so if you’re looking for specs and specifics, just hit up Google. It’s small, light, and solid. I pre-ordered […]

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Hey Miriam, want to shoot some photos? Sure you say? Well alright then. All shot with the fabulous Fuji X-T1.

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Holland’s Tulip Time

Shooting for the Holland Visitor’s Bureau, the task of shooting a week-long festival is daunting. So many places to be. People to photograph. Planning. Execution. Just working on an itinerary is a full night. I shot and edited hundreds of photographs, and these are some of my favorites, all shot with a Fuji X-T1. I’m […]

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A Soft Twenty

Tall trees block the view of the towering sand dunes. The dunes block the view of Lake Michigan. It’s difficult to gauge your proximity to the water. You can’t smell the salt like an ocean, but you can sense it. Trees sing, birds soar. It’s dark at night. There are plenty of signs that the […]

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