Cara, a Clevelander and Yelp guru, is a different gal. You know the type, or maybe you don’t. A different breed amongst us, she spends much of her time in dark rooms with only the illumination of a screen. Comic books, odd accessories, and rarities fill her apartment. The strange live there.       […]

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Jackie. Catalog Style

The color images came from a digital camera with a 50mm Zeiss lens, which I shot with a sort of ‘catalog style’. The BW images came from my new Hasselblad 501C, again with Zeiss glass. It was my very first time using the Hasselblad, so those were all just test shots, but I like the […]

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Adrienne. Foggy Cleveland Day

Adrienne and I planned to go to one place. Closed. With no other location in mind, we drove around and stopped every few minutes. It was a foggy and rainy morning, but that was OK. I’d rather that. I used my Mamiya RB67 and some expired Agfa 400 film, plus some 35mm Lomography 100 film […]

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Melody’s Portraits

Melody is a friend from my days at Scene Magazine. Back in 2002-2003. Living downtown, working downtown. Fun times for sure. I am putting together a book of Cleveland folk and their tattoos, (casting call on March 16th and 23rd) and Melody will surely be included. The following images are not for the book, but […]

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Elizabeth: The Film Shots

Yesterday I posted some digital images from my shoot with Elizabeth. Well, here are the film shots. This is what I have been waiting for, and for those who have never looked at film vs. digital, now’s your chance. Two people besides Liz that I want to thank. First, Ramona Dauksa, who did such an […]

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